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Our offer

Premium Package

The Premium Package is the richest option we have to offer. It will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. It includes a very wide range of the best selected materials and allows for the introduction of solutions tailored to individual needs.

In the Premium Package, you get an interior design project, materials and labour included in price.

Wondering what your flat will look like when finished in the premium package? 
✔️ Finished floors in the whole flat (tiles, floor panels and wooden floors) including skirting boards
✔️ All walls and ceilings painted
✔️ Possibility of decorative stucco in rooms
✔️ Doors between rooms
✔️ Suspended ceilings in kitchen and bathroom
✔️ Possibility to exchange laminate flooring for carpet in rooms
✔️ Bathroom finished to 99%, i.e. floor and wall tiles, bathtub or shower, washbasin, toilet and frameless pasted mirror.

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  • projection of a basic arrangement of a flat
  • projection with description of fixed furniture (e.g. kitchen furniture), including its dimensions, colour and description of details
  • projection of ceilings together with dimensioned fitting design
  • projection of floors and floorings together with distribution and selection of materials
  • projection of lighting and power supply along with drawing of lamps, power sockets, TV/Sat, It, lighting diagrams
  • development of walls with furniture and equipment indication
  • sanitary projection with general schemes of plumbing and central heating installations
  • list of flat furnishings (ceramics, fixtures)
  • list of finishing materials to be used (floors, tiles, paint colours and linings)
  • selection of bathroom furniture and mirrors to size
  • visualisation of one selected room



  • wall tiles
  • floor tiles
  • painting of walls and ceilings
  • gypsum plasterboarding
  • suspended ceilings1
  • sanitary ceramics
  • fixture
  • doors


  • painting of walls and ceilings
  • stoneware floor tiles
  • suspended ceilings1


  • painting of walls and ceilings
  • decorative stuccos 3
  • wallpapers
  • wooden floor panels2
  • carpets2
  • doors

1suspended ceilings in bathrooms of up to 50% of the floor area
suspended ceilings in kitchens of up to 50% of the floor area
suspended ceilings in living rooms of up to 30% of the floor area
2carpeting interchangeable with floor panels
3 decorative stucco up to 10m2