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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have not found the answer to your question, please contact us. We will be happy to help!

Is there a guarantee on materials and products?

Yes, of course. Materials and products comply with the manufacturer’s guarantee. Additionally, there is a two-year guarantee on finishing works and a guarantee on the completion date!

How long after buying the package does the finishing team start work?

Immediately after the completion of the detailed design.

My flat is under construction. Can I come to you right now?

Of course. We can already design the flat and wait with the realisation until the investment is put into use.

I have a flat near Łódź. Can I buy a package?

Yes, we offer our services in the entire province of Łódź.

Do you engage in flats only in a developer state/builders finish/shell and core or do you also renovate buildings?

Our packages are tailored to interiors in a developer state. However, we do not exclude the possibility of individual solutions. Contact us!

I already have a design. Can I order only your finishing team?

It is possible, in which case the package is subject to an individual quote.

Is it possible to move partition walls within the package?

Yes, these are additional works. We will calculate it and do it.

Can I choose some materials from another package?

Yes, the materials can be freely mixed. If you choose materials from a more expensive package, we add the difference in price.

Do you also finish commercial premises or houses?

Yes, then we price the project individually.

Is the design included in the package price?

Yes, the arrangement design is included in the package price.

During the the finishing process, can I look into the flat and check progress?

Of course.

What if I want something that is not included in the package?

No problem. We will give you a quote and carry out the work.

What if I like a product from another package/outside a package?

It is possible to combine packages and/or products outside a package. We settle the difference in price.

My flat is less than 45m2. What will be the price in this case?

The price of packages applies from 45 m2, but we also carry out projects for smaller areas. You need to add 20% to the package amount.